Dining and Nightlife

There are many local eateries on campus, in the area of McMaster University, and in the city at large offering various local and authentic ethnic eateries.

On Campus

There is a full list at McMaster Hospitality Services with a map available [here].  Of key interest are the locations below.


  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Tim Horton’s Coffee
  • La Piazza (Cafeteria)
  • Teriyaki Experience

Mary Keyes Residence

  • East meets West Bistro
  • Needa Pita

The refectory

Within Walking Distance:

The following are off campus along main street:

  • Williams Fresh Cafe,1309 Main St. W. [website]
  • Boston Pizza, 1563 Main St. W. [website]
  • Maccheroni Cucina al Fresco, 1560 Main St. W. [website]

The following are in Westdale Village:

See the website above for a full list of the vendors in Westdale Village.

Just past Wesdale Village:

  • Valentinos Restaurant, 824 King St. W. [website]

Further away

Accessible by bus AND/OR car:

  • Ben Thanh Viet Thai Restaurant 113 James St. N. [website]
  • Shehnai Restaurant, 447 Main St. W. [website]
  • La Luna, 306 King St. W. [website]
  • Ancaster Mill, 548 Old Dundas Rd. [website]
  • Shakespears, 181 Main St E. [website]
  • Quatrefoil Restaurant, 16 Sydenham St. [website]
  • Sortiris, 3135 Harvester Rd. [website]

Night Life

During the summer Hess Village is a vibrant place to be during the night.  Hess village features a variety of restaurants, pubs, and bars and is in a central location downtown allowing easy access by all modes of transportation.

You can check out their [map] for all the restaurants.