VISA information

The information here is provided only as a guide.  You are strongly encouraged to consult with the relevant embassy or your travel agent before your travel.

You can check if you need a visa on the immigration and citizenship website [here].

As of March 15th 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).  Foreign nationals with a valid visa and U.S. citizens are exempt.

You can find out about eTA’s [here] and for more information or to apply for an eTA go [here].

Note: While there is a new eTA leniency period until the Fall of 2016, it is still highly recommended that you obtain an eTA prior to your departure to prevent any delays or other problems when entering Canada.

Whether you are subject to visa requirements or need an eTA, you should obtain your visa or eTA prior to entry to Canada.

If you need any assistance in your visa application, for example, providing further materials such as a signed invitation letter, please contact us by email at with the required information.